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22 DECEMBER 2018



Zeytinburnu Belediye Başkanlığı Kültür ve Sosyal İşler Müdürlüğü

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“Geleceğin Ustaları 6. Geleneksel Sanatlar Tasarım Yarışması 2018”


Upon The Masters of Future Traditional Arts Design Competition… It is certain that great development has been experienced on our classic arts that have a valid place in our tradition in the recent years. Hüsn-i Hat (Calligraphy), Tezhip (Gilding), Minyatür (Miniature), Ebru (Marbling Art), Cild (Binding), Kat’I (Reliefart, Kalem İşi (Hand Carving) ve Çini (Tile Art) are our arts that we have descended from traditions…

It is sure beyond doubt that maintaining the development seen in the recent years, improving these arts on solid ground coming from the traditions is only possible by supporting these arts. Master-apprentice relationship is very significant in art education. Transmission of art and rules and conventions are transferred to the future through this relationship. What is as important as this is to treasure the artist and piece of art. These two are complementary elements.

Our municipality that place great importance and value culture and arts with this comprehension, own the great legacy of our tradition. Within this context, our municipality puts support behind our traditional arts with the courses on the Culture center, publications and competitions that we have been organizing for four years.

This year, we are organizing the 5th of “The Master of Future Traditional Arts Design Competition.” We are looking forward all our artists to participate in our competition with their pieces of art. With my wishes for success….

  • The contest organized to contribute to the development of traditional arts is named "Traditional Art Design Contest".
  • The destermined main theme "Sadâkat (Loyalty)" is chosen due to the concept of the contest. The subject is unconstrained in other branches expect for Hüsn-i Hat (Calligraphy).
  • The fields of the contest organized in eight branches are as follows:
    -Tile (Çini) -Hand-drawing(Kalemişi)
    *The works participating in the contest in the field of Hüsn-i Hat will be evaluted in 3 separate branches and rewarded (Thuluth, Jalî Thuluth, Jalî Talik an Talik).
  • The works to be submitted to the contest will be evaluted by the announced jury.
  • Principles related to the branches of contest are given in "Contest Specifications"
  • Members of the jury and their 1st degree relatives cannot participate in the contest. All amateur or professional artist and art students can participate. Students of the jury members may also participate in the contest.
  • Each artist can only participate in one branch and with one work.
  • There is no age and education level limitation to apply to the contest
  • Citizens of the Republic of Turkey and foreign nationalities may apply for the contest. Applications can also be made in the country and abroad.
  • The Participant acknowledges, declares and undertakes that the work it has sent to the contest is wholly owned by him/her and all permits are received. If the work belongs to someone else, the legal responsibility of copyright infringement shall belong to the participant. When detected, awards, titles and acquisitions that are awarded to those participants will be revoked. This does not mean that there will be a re-arrangement in the ranking of other participants.
  • The work to be submitted to the contest must not be exhibited or published before.
  • Works awarded in all branches (1. 2. 3. and 2 incentives) will be kept in the municipality collection. Non- awarded works will be returned to the participants after the exhibition.
  • In the event that no work is awarded by the jury, the prizes in that area shall be canceled..
  • Zeytinburnu Municipality is entitled to use the visuals of the works submitted to the contest, information about the works or artists on the books, catalogs, brochures, posters etc. which may be directly or indirectly related to the contest or irrespective of the fact that whether they have been awarded or not, or on its website, internet and press promotions for the purpose of publicity. No royalties will be paid to the artist regarding this.
  • The Municipality of Zeytinburnu has the right to exhibit the works submitted to the contest, the visuals of the works and the related information.
  • Zeytinburnu Municipality shall not be held responsible for the losses and damages arising from submissions.
  • No introductory sign such as name, signature, seal, etc. shall be used in any part of the work to be submitted to the contest. A number consisting of 6 digits and 1 letter will be written on the back right corner of the work. The artist will deliver the work along with an envelope in which the name, surname, e-mail address, internet site (if any), home phone, mobile phone, correspondence address, date of birth, the branch applied are enclosed.
  • Prize money will be given to the works present in the first top three and which received incentives. Works entitled to exhibition rights will not receive cash prizes.
  • All selection stages of the contest will be recorded with the camera and photographed.
  • Any information, announcements and respective results related to the contest will be available at
  • Any artist who has applied to this contest and is accepted to compete are deemed to have accepted all conditions of the contest.