Gilding, which means gilding in respect of intention, were designs used as mural painting with the migration of Turks from Middle East and the acceptance of Islam and then took its place in our art history book art with the importance Turks attach to writing and manuscripts.

Tezhip comes across in different periods and in different styles in around and within the lines in manuscripts, calligraphy stack, Murakkas (a page of calligraphy) Hilye-I Şerif (pieces of art describing of our prophet.) Whe come across earlier known examples of Tezhip in the manuscripts 12th and 13th century Seljujian period, source of inspiration examples starts from the Karahoça and Bezeklik cave mural paintings dated back to 8th and 9th centuries and is crowned Seljukian, Anatolian Seljukian, Period of Principalities, Early Period, Beyazıd, Fatih Periods and 16th century classical era.

Later, the art styles got affected by the stagnation and regression period and started to change and differ. By the reason of this change and rather with the effect of the west, Tezhip was put aside and was substituted by baroque and rococo.

This period was ended with the serious studies, researches and students raised by Süheyil Ünver master, Miss Rikkat, Muhsin Demironat master and Tezhip art started to gain its earlier aliveness with the new conceptions and free designs. Tezhip, which is the art of the palace, became a branch of art that every art-lover may reach and get educated today by means of universities and courses.

Names of the major masters and artists who carried the Tezhip art to today are Baba Nakkaş, Hasan Bin Abdullah, Karamemi, Şahkulu, Ali Üsküdari, Abdullah Buhari, Osman Yümni, Seyyid Ahmet Ataullah, Rikkat Kunt and Muhsin Demironat.

The person performing Tezhip is called either müzehhib (male) or müzehhibe (felame) depending on the gender.

The piece of art Tezhip is applied to is called müzehhep.

The biggest chances of the current artists are to be able to reach serious amount of sources and to be able to be enlightened by the masters they want. We should bear in mind that art is not born out of good craftsmanship but is within the designs that are coming off the artist's spirit and its shadow. It is necessary to remolded with the pieces of art instead of trying to perform a good craftsmanship.