Upon The Masters of Future Traditional Arts Design Competition…
It is certain that great development has been experienced on our classic arts that have a valid place in our tradition in the recent years. Hüsn-i Hat (Calligraphy), Tezhip (Gilding), Minyatür (Miniature), Ebru (Marbling Art), Cild (Binding), Kat’I (Reliefart, Kalem İşi (Hand Carving) ve Çini (Tile Art) are our arts that we have descended from traditions…
It is sure beyond doubt that maintaining the development seen in the recent years, improving these arts on solid ground coming from the traditions is only possible by supporting these arts. Master-apprentice relationship is very significant in art education. Transmission of art and rules and conventions are transferred to the future through this relationship. What is as important as this is to treasure the artist and piece of art. These two are complementary elements.
Our municipality that place great importance and value culture and arts with this comprehension, own the great legacy of our tradition. Within this context, our municipality puts support behind our traditional arts with the courses on the Culture center, publications and competitions that we have been organizing for four years.
This year, we are organizing the 5th of “The Master of Future Traditional Arts Design Competition.” We are looking forward all our artists to participate in our competition with their pieces of art. With my wishes for success….
Zeytinburnu Municipality Mayor