Begining from the writing was on portable materials, various coating techniques and materials were used and are still being used to assemble, connect, integrate and protect this writing block.

Although it didn't show much change within a very long period of time, equipment and materials used and the adornment properties in relation with these were improved with the effect of the regional culture and by means of the technical and artistic skills of the master. This improvement was not only reflected on book arts also penetrated the life itself with the civil and formal architecture, art/craft branches. As we all know, we can see the artistic transmissions of the civilzations we mention below in many art branches and examples.

Book covers are just one example of these artistic examples.

The examples of this art branch, both enrich our libraries and museum archives and also are termed and protected with many different adornment techniques and properties.

Our libbraries have the most beautiful and effective book art examples on many powerful civilzations such as Abbasid, Mameluk,Seljukian, Shiraz, Hearth, Safavid and Ottoman.

Setting off from this richness, we see important support of related institutions and organizations about the art branches related with books, which attracts intense attention in order to reach these branches to large masses and generate genuine new designs.

Of course, art is improved by supports for centuries. What falls on the artist or the master is to be guides in training new artists with high artistic moral and generating new pieces of art by usign this support in an optimum way.